Tobacco (Ipe)

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Posted on January 17, 2016

Tobacco (Ipe)

Today it is clear that wooden decks are the leading trend for quality home decor

The garden and outdoor area has become one of the essential elements of houses in Israel, making it important to design the area efficiently combing aesthetics and effective design.  The leading element in outdoor design are wooden decks, which are high-quality wood surfaces laid as outdoor flooring. Additionally to being a high-quality design element wooden decks save on maintaining a full garden.

Tobacco deck, and the benefits of using this type of deck in our house

  • What is it exactly? Tobacco deck is a deck made from the Ipe tree. Overall, the Ipe tree is characterized as high resistance to erosion and various weather conditions.
  • What are the benefits? The Ipe’s durability assures long-term use with minimal maintenance. Additionally, because of its high weather resistance it can be placed in most climates, especially Israel’s unpredictable weather.

Tobacco deck is one of the most common decks used in Israel, and for good reason

Over the years, Tobacco deck has become one of the most common types of decks in Israel, if not the most common. And with good reason – when planning a deck, we look for long lasting and high quality and that is exactly what we get with Tobacco decks.