Cumaru:  Dipteryx Odorata

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Posted on February 15, 2016


Everything you wanted to know about Cumaru Decks but didn’t ask

One of the most common types of trees used for decks is Cumaru.  Cumaru deck is considered to be one of the finest premium deck sold, and it is priced accordingly. It should be noted that compared to Tobacco Ipe (which is considered of high quality), Cumaru is cheaper and of similar quality, hence it’s high popularity, despite the price.

Important features of Cumaru

  • Water resistant – an important element of the Cumaru deck is its high resistance to water. While other decks are cheaper, they can be damaged by exposure to water, whilst Cumaru can be exposed to water and not rot or become distorted. Because of this Cumaru is widely recommended for decks that are not covered by awnings, pergolas, etc.
  • sun exposure – as most types of decks, Cumaru will change color as a result of exposure to direct sunlight, therefore, it is recommended to paint the deck once a year with oil-based paints, to maintain the original color of the deck. It should be noted that the sun exposure only changes the deck color not its quality.
  • vermin resistance – another appealing feature of Cumaru deck is its proven resistance against vermin and pests.

Cumaru wood decks are suitable for business and public areas, as well as in individual households. As previously stated Cumaru deck can be used in areas with rainy winters and places without covering or shading, as long as it is maintained once a year.