GOSSEN Synthetic Deck

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Posted on February 15, 2016


GOSSEN’s improvement on decking

For over 80 years, GOSSEN has thrived on innovation. In 1928, Martin Gossen founded the company after inventing the first spring-loaded window sash-balance, which eliminated the counterbalancing weight system for windows. Then GOSSEN changed direction and focused its company on the uses of PVC – polyvinyl chloride.  Soon PVC became the main raw material used in the creation of various surfaces, especially for quality flooring and decks. Through the process of free expansion implemented by GOSSEN, their decks became the leading synthetic decks worldwide.

GOSSEN Synthetic Deck- high quality synthetic deck

GOSSEN synthetic decks are constructed from high quality PVC ensuring high quality and long lasting decks. In addition to being made from first-rate PVC it is important to know that GOSSEN synthetic decks are easy to install, do not rot or become distorted in severe acclimates and are made of recycled materials produced in Eco-friendly manners.