Eucalyptop was founded in 2003 by the May Hasharon Group, a company who has been in the lumber and tree industry for more than forty years, during which they became the leading company in the country.

Eucalyptop was established out of necessity for manufacturing a comprehensive range of quality wood, while maintaining a balance between ecological stability and the legality of production. Eucalyptop offers professional experience gathered over dozens of years.

Like the other company branches of the May Hasharon Group, Eucalyptop is a family run company, intimate and professional, operating with a passion for trees.  From family values ​​of mutual responsibility and thinking about future generations, we maintain environmental protection, ecological balance and a duty to our community. We, at Eucalyptop do so through an afforest of agricultural land that are expanding the capacity of felling trees in a green way and creating job opportunities for residents of the Galil and the North.

Our flagship is the sawmill, which is the largest of its kind in the Middle East, situated in the Industrial area Kidmat Haglil.

Our massive cutting capabilities include sawing lumber of a maximum diameter of 1.5 m and a maximum length of 12 m, of different types of wood, roots, chunky wood, planks, boards and the like.

Customers,commercialand private, benefit from our exclusiveabilityto supply products processedaccording to specificsizes,shapes andfinishes, matchingall needs.

Our advanced drying processes include air drying, simulating the wood drying in nature, and controlled drying ovens.
Innovative cutting tools, experience and our vast sawmill allow us to sort, pack and process the wood and lumber quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, we import unique wood species such as European Oak, Mahogany, and Sapele- which all meet the standards of the strict European requirements PEFC – FSC, indicative of the growth and felling of trees while protecting the environment. We produce a wide range of products using the wood to its maximum, from these trees as well as trees grown in Israel, such as, Eucalyptus, Oak, Cypress, Rosewood, Pine, Carob and more,
We at the Eucalyptop family will be happy to provide you with our exclusive capabilities through reliable, responsible and professional service.