Synthetic Modular Deck

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Posted on February 15, 2016

What is synthetic modular deck and what are its benefits?

When picturing decks we think of wooden beams laid parallel one to another.  Recently there has been an innovation in deck design called modular decking. These decks are comprised of synthetic materials that duplicate the look of wood, but are cheaper and do not demand maintenance.  Modular decks are separate tiles laid out to create a designed floor, making your deck distinctive and unique.


What are the advantages of modular decks?

  • synthetic advantage – Since the deck is made from artificial materials it has none of the drawbacks that real wood decks have. Synthetic deck does not rot or become distorted with exposure to water, does not change color when exposed to sunlight and does not attract vermin or pests. Additionally, because it is made from synthetic material it does not require any maintenance after installation.
  • may be mounted on many surfaces – since modular decks consist of placing interlocking tiles side by side, it is possible to secure the deck on existing surfaces if necessary. There is no need to demolish or remove old flooring before installing the modular deck tiles.
  • Easier installation – installation of a modular synthetic deck is simpler than installing wooden decks,  which should be installed by professionals, using  saws and screws. Modular deck tiles are installed by interlocking the tiles one to another.