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Type Of Wood Density Uses Level Of Change Prevalence
Poplar 450kg/m3 Cheap Furniture Low Common
Caroline Pine 550kg/m3 Beams, Coatings Moderate Common
American Walnut 640kg/m3 Entrance Doors, Luxurious Furnishings Low Common
Ash 630kg/m3 Interior Furniture, Flooring Low Common
Red Cedar 370kg/m3 Decks, Garden Furniture, Exterior Coating Low Common
Douglas Fir 530kg/m3 Buildings, Carpentry, Stages Low Common
Cherry 600kg/m3 Interior Furniture Low Common
Red Oak 750kg/m3 Furniture, Wine Barrels, Flooring Low Common
Soft Maple 600kg/m3 Interior Furniture Moderate Common
Hard Maple 720kg/m3 Interior Furniture, Entrance Doors, Flooring Moderate Common
White Oak 750kg/m3 Interior Furniture, Pergolas, Flooring Low Common