• Does not contain solvent or paraffin– non flammable.
  • Strips waxes, varnish, paint and most antifouling paint.
  • Coating becomes soluble with water (rinse with water).
  • Strips up to 8 coats of paint in 1 application.
  • Easy to apply, even on the most difficult surfaces to strip i.e. ornate or elaborate.



  • Use on wood (Except Oak, Chestnut, Parquet and Veneer), metal (except Aluminum), plastic, stone, cement …
  • Ideal for surfaces difficult to strip or very ornate, horizontal and vertical – doors, gates, barriers …
  • Recommended for stripping large areas – non-flammable, does not dry out, remains active a long time.
  • Does not attack plastics, rubber, synthetic coating or gel coats (GRP)